Active in San Diego

When I first booked a two week holiday to the golden state of California I imagined lots of down time. Time by the pool, book in hand and soaking up the glorious sun in San Diego.

With all holidays, I always have a list of sights and attractions I want to cross off the list – to break up the time spent on the sun lounger. And San Diego has been no exception. In fact we have spent more time racking up the miles – covering many areas of the city and even the North County – where views are simply devine.


My expectations of having lots of rest and relaxation whilst here have been deminished- I am simply enjoying being on the move, soaking up the sights whilst shopping and drinking copious amounts of Savingon Blanc.

I made sure to pack my running gear – which has had a great amount of use. Where as previous holidays to Florida has seen the runners tucked firmly into the hotel room closet, this trip has been the complete opposite.

Staying in the picturesque Mission Bay means that I have been joining the early morning runners, walkers, cyclists and roller skaters for a gentle jog most mornings. Never going too far, 3 miles at most, but enjoying the freedom of running again. It’s not hard to enjoy running here – not only are the views stunning, the paths are flat and safe, and everyone is active. So it’s easy to get sucked in to the active community. Last weekend I even ran into the tail end of the “San Diego Beach to Bay Half Marathon” – which completely left me with race envy, especially as I caught eye of the amazing medal. If I thought to look ahead I would have so entered the race – just to have a bit of bling that people at home would not have.

To add to the day, we have easily racking up miles simply by shopping or taking in the sights. The first day alone saw us walk over 14 miles and we have not stopped since.

Usually, as a holiday approaches the end, I begin to feel somewhat guilty. However, this time round I will be coming home guilt free, relaxed, slightly tanned and ready to take on the next stage of training.



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