Month: August 2017

Mojo: Lost!

As the title of this blog post suggests; my mojo is lost. I have been struggling over the last few weeks to keep up my level of fitness, to motivate myself to run and to keep to something that resembles structure in my day… Continue Reading “Mojo: Lost!”

Running the Flitch Way

A stones throw away from Stanstead Airport, at the north of Hatfield Forest, you will find the start of the Fitch Way. A former railway line that covers 15 miles of rural Essex from Bishops Stortford to Braintree, completely traffic free. As the route… Continue Reading “Running the Flitch Way”

That time I climbed Snowdon

After climbing Edinburgh’s Arthur’s Seat a few weeks back, I got reminiscing. Thinking about adventures past, about when I climbed Snowdon with a group of friends from what was then Regiment Fitness. Challenges come in all forms. They don’t have to involve running miles… Continue Reading “That time I climbed Snowdon”

Six hours in Edinburgh

In attempt to take a break from recent stresses I made the snap decision to take a break. To spend a day far away from home, so when I saw cheap flights to Edinburgh I snapped them up straight away. Catching the first flight… Continue Reading “Six hours in Edinburgh”

Making the most of Redundancy

Redundancy – a rotten, shameful word. A word that makes you feel utterly worthless and ashamed. I have seen many of my friends being made redundant from their jobs over the past few years and always thought “that would never happen to me.” When… Continue Reading “Making the most of Redundancy”