Month: December 2017

2018 Race Calendar

As I prepare to say goodbye to 2017, with its extreme highs and lows, I also start to think ahead to the next year. The races booked in, the training plan and everything in between. The focus for the year is a far cry… Continue Reading “2018 Race Calendar”

8 Mile Training Walk: Narnia

With the current mild temperatures one can easily forget that just two weeks ago the country woke to a blanket of snow. Whilst others rejoiced in the Winter Wonderland my only wonder was how I was going to complete my training walk. I had… Continue Reading “8 Mile Training Walk: Narnia”

2017: The year in Review

This time last year I was composing a similar post – reminiscing about adventures past. With 2017 almost drawing to a close it is a great time to sit and reflect on yet another year of throwing myself at any challenge possible. Where 2016… Continue Reading “2017: The year in Review”

Keeping fit over the Festive season.

Yep – it’s that season of tide and joy. That time of year when no matter how much you try to avoid it you find yourself surrounded by mounds of festive treats, and the exercise plan starts to waver to make way for the… Continue Reading “Keeping fit over the Festive season.”

Training Walk: 6 miles in Epping Forest

A few months ago, as I signed up to the Isle of Wight Challenge (the big one planned in for 2018), I was told something that I did not quite believe. “Just because you can run, don’t assume you can walk.” I did not… Continue Reading “Training Walk: 6 miles in Epping Forest”

City Break: J’adore Bordeaux!

Whilst my suitcase was barely unpacked from my trip to Budapest┬áback in September I was already hunting down the next adventure. Then came along the Ryanair sale and before I had the chance to stop myself, a cheap flight to Bordeaux was booked –… Continue Reading “City Break: J’adore Bordeaux!”