Month: April 2018

Final Countdown to the Isle of Wight Challenge.

This time next week I will be well into the epic challenge on the Isle of Wight, heading for the darkest hours as night falls and the walk continues into the small hours. Whilst I have trained as much as I possibly could in… Continue Reading “Final Countdown to the Isle of Wight Challenge.”

City Break: Barcelona

Barcelona. The cosmopolitan capital in the Catalonian region of Spain. With it’s Mediterranean charm, glorious climate and lively beach culture it is hard to picture Barcelona as a city. With cities you usually imagine a mass populated area at a fast pace. When I… Continue Reading “City Break: Barcelona”

The London Marathon: Being a Spectator

Yesterday saw London’s streets come alive during the 38th London Marathon – the hottest on record. In previous years I have watched the days events from the comfort of my sofa – which I now know does not really give you the full experience… Continue Reading “The London Marathon: Being a Spectator”

Training: 36.7 Miles

There comes a point when you are training for a major event when you will hit the highest possible level of endurance. It is at this point that you start to question your sanity, your ability and you simply wonder why the hell you… Continue Reading “Training: 36.7 Miles”

Working through Anxiety

With April being National Stress Awareness month it seemed only fitting to take some time out and dedicate a blog to an issue that has been something that has caused me a great deal of stress and trauma. Anxiety. If you were to go… Continue Reading “Working through Anxiety”

The Easter Walk with Ultra Challenges

Saturday 31st March saw me take part in the inaugural Easter Walk with Ultra Challenges. The event, starting and finishing at Windsor Racecourse saw walkers take to the Thames Path along a challenging 25 kilometre or 25 mile route. Arriving bright and early, on… Continue Reading “The Easter Walk with Ultra Challenges”