Month: June 2017

Exercise and mental well being

We have all seen the rather amusing meme’s stating “I run because punching people is frowned upon” or “I exercise because completely exhausting myself is the most relaxing part of my day.” And yes they are amusing, but all jokes aside there is an… Continue Reading “Exercise and mental well being”

City break: Prague

Facebook takes great joy in reminding you on a daily basis what your memories are for this day in time. Today they reminded me that this time last year we had landed in Prague for our much needed and delayed trip. Prague is a… Continue Reading “City break: Prague”

Falling in love with parkrun

Several years ago I registered for parkrun – a free, weekly 5k timed run available in numerous parks around the country. However, once I signed up I printed my barcode several times but always failed to use it. With other activities and events; from… Continue Reading “Falling in love with parkrun”

Decathlon Sports Series – 5K

The first Sunday in June. It was a beautiful sunny morning and I had signed up for a free 5k run in my local park, run by Decathlon. The only problem being, I had lost my mojo. Not long returned from the USA, rather… Continue Reading “Decathlon Sports Series – 5K”

Return to Fit4OCR

Today was a good day, it was the day I returned to Fit4OCR (an obstacle course training facility), after a year of being absent from the arena. After months of just focusing on cardio, this summer my focus is to get back my physical… Continue Reading “Return to Fit4OCR”

Tried & Tested: John Frieda Luxurious Volume

Anyone that has trained for major sporting event will probably understand that whilst in the final stages of training you completely neglect everything in your life. For me this ranged from the other half and friends, to my diet and well-being. One thing in… Continue Reading “Tried & Tested: John Frieda Luxurious Volume”

California Dreaming….

This time last week I was sitting in the sun, glass of Sauvignon Blanc in hand and listening to live cover bands at the Vista Strawberry festival. Already my adventures in San Diego, California are becoming a distant memory and the post holiday blues… Continue Reading “California Dreaming….”