Month: August 2016

Bear Grylls Survival Race

When I signed up for Bear Grylls Survival Race, I was extremely excited. When someone famous puts there name against an event, you would be wouldn’t you. I watch many of the Bear Grylls programmes, so I suppose the expectations were high! I had…

London Rat Race

Another exciting OCR event on my racing calendar this year – London Rat Race – a 10k unique challenge based in London Docklands. I would like to think of myself as a well seasoned obstacle course runner by now, with several OCR races under my belt….

You got to “tab”it out!

Tactical Advance to Battle, aka “tabbing.” I will always remember my first tabbing session. With a group of fellow Regiment Fitness members, around two years ago, I attended a training session for WAR Adrenaline Race (featured in my Blog earlier this year). During the…