Month: October 2018

Wonderful Walks: Epping & Hatfield Forest.

Taking a walk in the forest is a fantastic way to get outdoors and away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. According to studies, spending time in a forest can reduce psychological, depression and hostility. At the same time it is also… Continue Reading “Wonderful Walks: Epping & Hatfield Forest.”

Royal Parks Half Marathon

On Sunday 14th October I took part in my sixth half marathon, at the Royal Parks. For many years I have entered the ballot in the hope that I would be able to take part in one of the most sought after runs in… Continue Reading “Royal Parks Half Marathon”

Post Race Recovery

As I dragged myself out of bed this morning I felt the tell tale signs that I had pushed my body to the limit the day before, running the Royal Parks Half Marathon (write up to follow soon). The delayed onset muscle soreness had… Continue Reading “Post Race Recovery”

Running the London Marathon…..again!

As I crossed the iconic finish line at the London Marathon in 2017 I believe the first words that came out my mouth were “Never Again!” Despite saying this then (and every moment since), I, along with thousands of runners, still decide to chance… Continue Reading “Running the London Marathon…..again!”

Chasing the Personal Best

The “Personal Best”, the constant quest to obtain a PB can be rather stressful, frustrating and challenging. As many of my previous posts have detailed, I hold my hands up and say I am constantly hoping for a personal best on a daily basis,… Continue Reading “Chasing the Personal Best”