Month: February 2018

Stepping off the Emotional Rollercoaster

It is safe to say that the last nine months of my life have panned out a little different than intended. I never imagined that I would be made redundant from a job I had had for twelve years, or that I would loose… Continue Reading “Stepping off the Emotional Rollercoaster”

Training: Walking goes wrong

“Just because you can run, don’t assume you can walk.” Upon signing up for the Isle of Wight challenge I heard this statement a lot. I thought, at the time, It was the most ridiculous thing anyone could say. Now well into the training… Continue Reading “Training: Walking goes wrong”

City Break: 4 days in Boston

When I planned a short break to Boston eight months ago, I expected a city much like others in the USA – busy, loud and fast paced. What I actually experienced on arrival was so much different. A smaller city to explore in comparison… Continue Reading “City Break: 4 days in Boston”

The Rise of the Fitness Watch

If I think back twelve years, when I first started dabbling in running, the ability to track fitness activity and running in particular was not as readily available as it is today. All those years ago I relied heavily on the machines on the… Continue Reading “The Rise of the Fitness Watch”

London Winter Run 2018

Sunday saw me run the London Winter Run for the third year running. The 10k race, taking in many iconic landmarks around London, is always one (if not the first) event in my racing calendar for the year. In the three years I have… Continue Reading “London Winter Run 2018”

Eight Hours in Paris

As someone who loves to travel at any opportunity and a great lover of a bargain at the same time I was quick to book some cheap Eurostar tickets to Paris several years ago (almost exactly five years ago to be precise). With the… Continue Reading “Eight Hours in Paris”