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Running to the Dark Side

As the hype of the London Marathon dominated my social media feeds I could not help but contemplate on the decision I made to defer my place to 2020. Watching the stories of runners working their way around the course led me to reminiscing… Continue Reading “Running to the Dark Side”

Time Out at Champneys

I have always been an advocate for experiences rather than things. So when the other half handed me his credit card for my birthday and said “book yourself into Champneys for the night,” I was in my element. When you spend your life rushing… Continue Reading “Time Out at Champneys”

London Marathon Training: Fearing the known

When I discovered I had secured a space in the London Marathon 2017 I had a number of fears, with a little excitement. Despite any fears I had I threw myself into training, embracing all the highs and lows as and when they arose.… Continue Reading “London Marathon Training: Fearing the known”

Sleep Trackers: Five Stages of Sleep

It is well known that a combination of a good diet, low stress and exercise enables us to sleep better. However, in the busy world we now live in, where we find ourselves having to deal with the stresses of every day life, snoring… Continue Reading “Sleep Trackers: Five Stages of Sleep”

Wonderful Walks: Epping & Hatfield Forest.

Taking a walk in the forest is a fantastic way to get outdoors and away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. According to studies, spending time in a forest can reduce psychological, depression and hostility. At the same time it is also… Continue Reading “Wonderful Walks: Epping & Hatfield Forest.”

Post Race Recovery

As I dragged myself out of bed this morning I felt the tell tale signs that I had pushed my body to the limit the day before, running the Royal Parks Half Marathon (write up to follow soon). The delayed onset muscle soreness had… Continue Reading “Post Race Recovery”

Joining Harlow Running Club

For many years I have spent the majority of my running miles training alone, with the occasional running partner thrown in. And whilst it is always great to have a running partner, I often found pressured to run faster than I was capable –… Continue Reading “Joining Harlow Running Club”

Letting go of a bad race.

When you have trained for months on end, clocking up hundreds of miles to prepare for race day and ironed out numerous issues with kit en route – the last thing you want is for the race to not go as planned. There is… Continue Reading “Letting go of a bad race.”

The Isle Of Wight Challenge

When I signed up for the Isle of Wight Challenge with Ultra Challenges I never imagined anything but reaching the finish line. From the minute I committed to the challenge, the training began. Pre Christmas saw me racking up the mileage alone, then as… Continue Reading “The Isle Of Wight Challenge”

Working through Anxiety

With April being National Stress Awareness month it seemed only fitting to take some time out and dedicate a blog to an issue that has been something that has caused me a great deal of stress and trauma. Anxiety. If you were to go… Continue Reading “Working through Anxiety”

Blue Monday

Blue Monday has, in recent years, been renowned to be the most depressing day of the year. The memories of the festive period have faded away, our bank accounts are looking rather desolate after months of Christmas shopping, the “holiday weight” has not quite… Continue Reading “Blue Monday”

New Year Training Plan

The dust has now settled on the New Year celebrations and like most, I am carrying just a little “holiday weight” that is quite frankly unwelcome. So there is no time like the present to get moving, get back into action and to get… Continue Reading “New Year Training Plan”