Month: November 2016

Prepping like a Boss!

Over the last month, I have found harmony in a peaceful Sunday which usually consists of an early morning run, then back home into fresh PJ’s with a day of food prep, cleaning and drinking wine. Well today, the run didn’t happen. I woke… Continue Reading “Prepping like a Boss!”

How do you fuel a 6am run?

I often head out running without having a second thought to the fuel to get me through. Lets face it most runs are short, and to be honest you technically could get by without anything additional to water and electrolytes. But what happens when… Continue Reading “How do you fuel a 6am run?”

Do It Like A Commando…..

  Saturday saw me complete the final race in the diary for 2016 – Commando Series. We certainly saved the best for last. I have completed many OCR races this year; Gauntlet Games, WAR, London Rat Race and even Bear Grylls survival race. But… Continue Reading “Do It Like A Commando…..”

Just keep Spinning……

Before I became a member of Regiment Fitness just over two years ago I was an avid Spinner. I would typically attend a Spinning class on average around five times a week. It was the one thing that kept me sane. Sadly – when… Continue Reading “Just keep Spinning……”