Prepping like a Boss!

Over the last month, I have found harmony in a peaceful Sunday which usually consists of an early morning run, then back home into fresh PJ’s with a day of food prep, cleaning and drinking wine.

Well today, the run didn’t happen. I woke up this morning just not wanting to run. Months ago I would have felt guilty about this, but knowing that the hard training is yet to come I have become a little more relaxed about missing training when I feel the need lately. Today was one of those days.

Instead I have set about with my round of food prep for the week ahead. As I research more and train harder for the London Marathon I am finding myself more organised than usual. This is not just with food preparation, but actually scheduling in runs into my diary and sticking to them. I find that this has helped me become more focused and will certainly keep me on track in the New Year when the real training kicks in.

In regards to the food prep – having meals ready for the week ahead has been a god send. Yes it does mean that I am eating pretty much the same for the whole week but it also means I don’t have to worry about cooking after training. The food is there, ready to heat up and means that I am still in bed at a reasonable hour. It also ensures that I don’t spend money on rubbish lunches at work.

This weeks food prep was extra exciting – I saw a recipe on Lucy Bee’s Facebook page ages ago and finally remembered to whip up a batch of her Halloumi Burgers. They are so quick and easy to make. Most ingredients went in the processor (who actually has time to spend grating all the ingredients) and now the burger paties are ready to cook up with some asparagus and poached eggs after training during the week.


Not stopping there (as I do need lunches at work too), I made a nice roasted red pepper soup along with a Quorn Shepherds pie (my own recipes); so I can alternate at work throughout the week.



So I’m all set for the week ahead and constantly keeping my eye out for new recipes to ensure that I don’t get bored with food. If anyone has vegetarian, gluten free recipes they would recommend please do share.

Preparation is going to be key over the next few months – from prepping kit, food and keeping a running diary.

If only there was something in the plan to help with the multitude of bad treats found in the office……..I think about that in the New Year – it’s Christmas after all.

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