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Keeping fit over the Festive season.

Yep – it’s that season of tide and joy. That time of year when no matter how much you try to avoid it you find yourself surrounded by mounds of festive treats, and the exercise plan starts to waver to make way for the… Continue Reading “Keeping fit over the Festive season.”

Cooking with Quorn

As someone who has been vegetarian for the vast majority of my adult life, and someone who did not enjoy meat as a child, it is no surprise that Quorn alternatives are included in my daily diet. With recent studies suggesting that the protein… Continue Reading “Cooking with Quorn”

Cammas Hall Fruit Farm

Located in the picturesque countryside along the Herts/ Essex borders you will find Cammas Hall Fruit Farm. A family owned and run business fifteen minutes from home it has become a little sanctuary for me in recent weeks. With my love of the outdoors… Continue Reading “Cammas Hall Fruit Farm”

BeFit London

Last weekend saw the return of BeFit London at the Business Design Center in Islington. After missing out in 2016, I snapped up some “super early bird” tickets as soon as they became available and was thoroughly looking forward to a day of classes… Continue Reading “BeFit London”

To eat all the Carbs…….

Now that the 3 week count down marker has passed, and anyone running the London Marathon is now into the tapering stages of training, it is time to really focus on adding more carbohydrates to the diet. I put my hands up now…..throughout the… Continue Reading “To eat all the Carbs…….”

London Marathon’s Meet the Experts

In 11 weeks time, if all goes to plan, I will be basking in the post marathon glow. That’s it 11 weeks. Something that was drummed into all who attended London Marathon’s Meet the Experts event yesterday. Personally I did not quite realise how… Continue Reading “London Marathon’s Meet the Experts”

Recipes: Lentil Casserole & Raw Snickers

As a vegetarian it is very easy to fall into the trap of eating the same dishes. I often find myself getting bored of food and when this happens I eat the wrong food. In order to ensure I get all the nutrients I… Continue Reading “Recipes: Lentil Casserole & Raw Snickers”

The Marathon Plan begins.

Almost three months ago I officially signed up for the London Marathon. Time has gone by, with 106.4 miles worth of training (yes, I have kept a log), and it’s safe to say that I feel no more prepared now than I did back… Continue Reading “The Marathon Plan begins.”

Prepping like a Boss!

Over the last month, I have found harmony in a peaceful Sunday which usually consists of an early morning run, then back home into fresh PJ’s with a day of food prep, cleaning and drinking wine. Well today, the run didn’t happen. I woke… Continue Reading “Prepping like a Boss!”