Give it a rest!

Over the course of the year, in an attempt to get back my pre-illness fitness, I have pushed my body to try and do things that I think it was not quite ready for.

Two days after I was un-hooked from my IV drip I was back at boot camp, not that I could go very far mind, and then four days later I was back at work.

All I had in my head was the races I signed up to and the fact that I needed to prove to myself that I could complete them.

So for the last six months I have been plodding along, 90% of the time at half speed. Activities I took part in pre-illness have been somewhat of a challenge. Tabbing, for example, as per one of my earlier blog posts has on some days brought me to tears. The sessions have been harder, more mentally and physically challenging – but I have not thought of them that way. In my eyes I was just failing, my fitness level was crap and I should just let the hardcore members do their thing.

Even the smallest things have been difficult. Stairs! I used to walk up the five flights of stairs at work three to four times a day. Sometimes for no purpose at all, just because it was good for me. Now this is a no go area. I manage one flight before I get out of breath, I start panting like a chain smoker on 40 fags a day and I break out into a sweat.

City breaks we have been on this year have also shown cause for concern. When I booked our hotel in Prague I didn’t even think to re-consider the hills we would have to climb to get back each day (thank god for the trams). Same situation as the stairs – my once healthy lungs feel completely useless.

So, when I finally got round to my Summer holiday in September, I thought this would be my time to get some recuperation. Time to re-charge the batteries after months of recovery, numerous races and pushing myself beyond my current capabilities.

On the flight over, I caught a bug! Although the week was spent round the pool, drinking wine and soaking up the heat (not the sun, as that only decided to show its face sporadically), the majority of the time was spent trying to kick the bug.

Five days after my return and it has evolved into a nasty cough that I cannot seem to shake (again). Last time round I carried on regardless; throwing myself into training without a thought to my health. This time round, perhaps being a bit wiser or my body just refusing to let me, training has dropped to the bottom of my priority list. I want to get fighting fit to be able to survive the winter months training, so sensible has become the new hardcore. And as such, I seem to have lost my training Mojo!

Many boot camp friends and our trainer Jonny have spoken wise words. Its all about getting myself back into a routine, once I have stopped coughing of course and forgetting whats happened.

Despite the hurdles I have had to face this year, I will overcome many more. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger after all and I need to look towards building on that for all the fun I have lined up in 2017.

Let’s hope to kick this current bug so I can be fighting fit to return to training at the weekend.

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