Cammas Hall Fruit Farm

Located in the picturesque countryside along the Herts/ Essex borders you will find Cammas Hall Fruit Farm. A family owned and run business fifteen minutes from home it has become a little sanctuary for me in recent weeks.


With my love of the outdoors in the Summer months there is nothing more tranquil than wondering the rows and rows of table top fruits picking out the most luscious looking berries and filling my basket to the rim.

Recently I have come to the farm on many occasions – sometimes making the mistake of popping by on a Saturday afternoon, when the best looking strawberries have already been plucked by eager children and their parents. Envious of their full baskets I decided to seek better times to visit – discovering from a member of staff that the best time that this would be is on a Tuesday, after they are closed on a Monday after busy weekends of fruit pickers.


Yesterday morning I did just that. With schools not quite out for summer and the sun beaming on a glorious Tuesday morning I ventured to Cammas Hall. Though there were plenty of excited children – mainly using the playground facilities – I found the venue rather peaceful. Parents clearly abandoning the thought of fruit picking and favouring the playground with a quiet cup of coffee meant that the rows and rows of fruit were mine for the taking, along with a handful of other guests too.


I need not have wondered far – the days pickings of strawberries and raspberries were plentiful. That did not stop me wondering as far away as possible – picking the most plump fruit that was on offer – and going home to devour full baskets of both. Obviously to be washed down with the cream and home made meringues customers can purchase in the farm shop.


Throughout the summer months there are various fruits and vegetables available for “pick your own”. Strawberries and Raspberries, my favourite, are usually available throughout most of the season. But if they do not tickle your fancy then there are many others to pick from; blueberries, blackberries and blackcurrants are all in abundance in the summer months, followed by onions, sweetcorn (which are to die for) and lastly pumpkins and a field of sunflowers ready for the very end of the season.


Sadly, as they are only open seasonally, you have to make the most of these summer months. A fantastic place for a family day out, with farm shop, cafe and adventure playground they don’t just attract those with families but customers from all generations and backgrounds. Elderly couples were spotted yesterday morning, as well as avid cyclists and runners planning their routes for a quick stop off for some fruit picking and refreshments too.

It really is one of the jewels of my local area.

With my collection of berries already running low I am already looking to plan in my next visit. You can never have too many berries right?




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