The 30K Spinning Challenge

On entering the Spinning studio for last Saturday’s class the instructor says – “sit next to ‘X,’ we are attempting a 30K spinning challenge today and I think sitting next to them will keep you going”

Never one to say no to a challenge I thought “why not”. After all, the worst that would happen would be that I would not reach the distance and by pushing myself just that little bit harder I would become just that little bit stronger.

So, with all the enthusiasm I could muster, along with many others, I got to work with the challenge that was set.

The trick throughout the 55 minute class was to find the right balance of speed and resistance to hit an average pacing of around 32km per hour.

My range was averaging between 28-30km per hour so I knew early on I would not hit the 30 kilometres in the first attempt. But then, not many people would. I did however give it a good go, finishing at a distance of 26 kilometres. Only 4 kilometres off target!


I had a second attempt during the week, at a 6:30am class, which despite taking part in Saturday’s class felt twice as hard. The earlier class time meant that my body was not as warm, I had not eaten breakfast (so had very little fuel in the tank). And to top it off – I had only completed the first attempt three days prior followed by London Winter Walk the next day. I don’t usually make excuses – but to say I felt a little burnt out is an understatement.

That said, my distance for the morning class was not too far off my first attempt – coming in at 25.6 kilometres. Only 0.4 km off my previous number.


So now I take these two numbers as two different targets.

I have the 26 kilometres to build on for the Saturday morning classes and the 25.6 kilometres for any 6:30am week day classes.

In order to build up the strength for the second attempt I will be continuing my current training regime: lots of spinning, running, walking and Body Pump, with the addition of extra circuit classes. Lots of weights to build up my leg strength so I feel less of the leg fatigue during the 30K challenge.

Will it be easy? Definitely not. This morning’s class was a pure example of how hard it can be. A interval spinning class, one that I usually don’t struggle with, felt horrendous. My legs fatigued quickly, my knees were burning and no matter how fast I pushed my legs they just did not seem to be moving any faster.

It was a struggle. But it won’t stop me getting back on the bike and trying harder next time.

So – the challenge is set.

Will I be able to reach 30 kilometre spin in 55 minutes by the end of the year?



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