City break: Prague

Facebook takes great joy in reminding you on a daily basis what your memories are for this day in time. Today they reminded me that this time last year we had landed in Prague for our much needed and delayed trip.

Prague is a top European city destination no matter what time of year you go. But to have the pleasure walking around the city without a jacket and experience its stunning baroque buildings under blue skies was a treat.

If you are looking for a break filled with history and of course the beer then look no further, book a trip today. It was one of the most memorable city breaks Ross and I have experienced together to date. My only faux pas was booking a hotel slightly out of the main centre due to the fact that they had a swimming pool – which we were not allowed to use. Don’t make that mistake – book closer to the main centre if you can.

That said – being out of the town meant that we covered many miles each day on foot, ensuring we had plenty of beer stops for Ross of course.

Day one had to be spent seeing the iconic Charles Bridge and the bridge we ended up crossing every day. The bridge is a stunning piece of architecture dating back to the 15th century (when construction was finally finished). One can only cross this by foot – no cars. So you can take your time strolling across, listening to the street performers and taking numerous photographs.


Over the bridge into the Old Town Square is the famous astronomical clock. Time it to arrive on the hour and you will see the clock come to life with 12 apostles passing by the window above the dial and symbolic features moving aside.


Being one of the most popular tourist attractions within the city, it attracts large groups of people into the square to watch the clock come to life. If you have time, climb to the top of the tower for fantastic views of the Square, the red roofed buildings and the castle in the distance.


Day two saw us spend more time closer to our hotel exploring Prague Castle, the grounds and St Vitus Cathedral.

An area that was also popular with tourists. You could easily spend a day here exploring everything that the area has to offer – paying to tour the cathedral and museums in and around the castle. We were just happy to potter around the grounds, taking pictures, enjoying the stunning views across the river and even watching the changing of the guard.


After a mid morning pit stop we ventured on our way to the Petrin look out tower, a 63.5 metre tall steel frame work tower, which I was told strongly resembled the Eiffle Tower (though on a smaller scale) and had some fabulous views over the river and of Prague castle too. We were not disappointed here.


After a long climb of 299 steps (and feeling the structure sway too) we finally made it to the top. The views were stunning. If you are up for the climb I would definitely recommend making the effort for the views alone.


Plenty of pictures later we made our descent to ground level, wondering through the park grounds and back across the river for some lunch, I believe some beer and a hunt through the city to find the Dancing House and John Lennon wall – a must for any Beatles fan.


Our final day was spent doing a mixture of activities from a cruise on the river Vltava – soaking in the sights from a different view – visiting the Prague Beer Museum and wondering round enjoying everything Prague had to offer.


We covered a lot in the short time we were in the city. But I know there was so much more to see. If we wanted to spend more time indoors then there were plenty of museums to visit – but we enjoyed being out in the sun soaking up the culture of Prague itself.

Sadly, as with all adventures, there has to be an ending. And the next day it was time for this one to end. With our new found love of Prague we flew home promising to return one day soon.

If you are looking for a city break this summer, or even beyond that, add Prague to your list. Not only does it offer so much culture, it is a diverse city that suits travellers of every budget. You will not be disappointed.

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  1. Oh the old sneaky ‘This time a year ago..’ prods from Facebook. I don’t want to see that how much fun I was having on holiday in June 2016, bad enough with the #holidayspam from everyone else on my feed. Prague looks so much fun though 🙂

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