The Gauntlet Games

Saturday 16th April saw me partake in my third event of the year, The Gauntlet Games. The first since my run in with Pneumonia.

Getting back into the swing of things in the last 8 weeks have been particularly difficult. The Gauntlet Games was a great way to pave my way back into the OCR world without causing myself any set backs or injuries.

Set in grounds in Hertfordshire the “obstacle” race was very mild in comparison to what I am used to.


With a group of Boot Camp pals; Jo, Dan and Emily, we set about the 10K course early on Saturday morning.

For those who have never participated in an obstacle event or feel nervous at the thought of entering such event I would highly recommend The Gauntlet Games. With the multitude of “bouncy”, fun obstacles participants more likely to get a face full of foam than collect “OCR Kisses”.

For some this would be spot on. For me, and those I was running with, it was not enough. When you have participated in the likes of Nuclear Races, WAR adrenaline Race or Tough Mudder this will be a walk in the park for you.


Yes, the terrain is challenging with its numerous hills and cross country running, but I needed more.

That said, it was a great way to warm myself back up. Earning myself an easy medal to add to my Bling in the process.


I may be regretting my words as the next event is fast approaching. WAR adrenaline race takes place on Saturday 23rd April.

As much as I would like to say I will be attacking this with full gusto; I still have to remember that I have to be sensible and not take risks that would cause a set back. After the scare I had I would rather skip an obstacle than do something that would effect my health.

Watch this space for photos and a run down of the event!

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