24 Hours in Oslo, Norway

2023 seems to be the year to tick more un-discovered cities off my bucket list, with the Norwegian city of Oslo being one of those destinations. Taking advantage of the British Airways winter sale I booked a short trip to the city, allowing 24 hours exploring the sights of Oslo.

Many before me advised that Oslo was expensive. In my opinion, and from someone used to London prices, I did not find it dissimilar to the English capital. That said, I kept my costs to the minimum, taking a tour of the small city on foot.

The Vigeland Park

If art is your thing, head to Vigeland Park, where you will find hundreds of bronze sculptures. During my visit, during the winter months and heavy snow, navigating the park was rather difficult.

Though one could imagine summer months would allow for a wonderful walk around the worlds biggest sculpture park.

The Royal Palace

The official residence of the current Norwegian monarch can be found in the centre of the city. Known as one of the country’s most important single buildings, the Royal family holds official dinners and many foreign heads of state stay at the Palace when visiting the city.

The Palace is open in the summer months, though during the winter you can still get up close during the changing of the guards.

National Theatre

The imposing 19th century building is home to three auditoriums for classic and new drama. For over 120 years it has been the countries main stage for theatre productions and celebrations.

Oslo Cathedral

Located in the centre of the city, Oslo Cathedral offers the perfect spot to take a rest. Open daily for free, visitors can join a service, light candles or if you are lucky, like I was, witness an orchestral practice.

Just outside in the Cathedral grounds you will also find the “Iron Roses” sculpture, a monument to the 77 people who lost their lives during an act of terrorism in 2011.

Akershus Fortress

The 13th century fortress was built to protect the city from invaders. Here you can wonder the grounds, take in the view out to the Fjords and visit the castle that was a residence for many kings and queens. It is also free for visitors!

Aker Brygge

The former ship yard area of Aker Brygge was by far one of my favourite spots and the place I spent most of my time. Having missed out on a boat trip to along the Oslo Fjord I enjoyed many of the heated alfresco spots with some wine, kindle and at times just watching the world go by.

The short, yet sweet, trip to Oslo sparked greater hunger to explore more of Norway. The Norwegian Fjords has been high on my list for years, but now visiting the city, the desire to book a further trip has grown.

My advice for anyone wanting to visit – don’t let others deter your plans due to cost. The city itself can easily be explored within 24 hours – 48 hours if you want to venture a little further out – and there are many free things to do too.

I will certainly be returning in the near future to expand my adventures in Norway.

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