Pretty Muddy Kids

As my niece and nephews get older I find it increasingly difficult to buy something they would like for Birthdays and Christmases. When they were younger it was much easier to buy the latest toy, that they would inevitably grow out of in months, but now as they are getting to the point in their life where they cherish days out and making memories buying experiences and adventures for special occasions is something that I prefer to do.

At Easter, when most kids were being spoilt with mounds of chocolate, I took it upon myself to purchase an entry to Pretty Muddy Kids instead. After taking my Niece (12) and Nephew (7) to their first Park Run back in January and booking them into the 1K kids run with the Willow Foundation back in October, they have embraced the racing life and love the thought of getting their hands of a bit of bling at the end. Perhaps they take after their Auntie with their passion for medals and adventure?


I actively encourage their passion. I love being outdoors, I think it imperative that kids embrace the outdoors and get active. And it is the perfect way to get them excited about exercise and make it an every day part of their lives.

So, last weekend, we headed off to Cassiobury Park, in Watford, to take part in Pretty Muddy Kids. Having completed Pretty Muddy myself several years ago I knew it would be a perfect opportunity to get them into the “obstacle races.” With tame, bouncy obstacles and abundance of mud the race offered them a chance to be challenged.


The route in Cassiobury Park offered a mix of terrain – with grass, gravel and concrete path ways, and a few hills to overcome too. With the heat of the day it was not easy, my Niece went against advice, possibly caused by being overexcited, took off too fast and struggled with the running towards the end. But we slowed the pace, overcame every obstacle and given the choice she even declined the “short cut” that was offered. She did not want to miss a single obstacle.


Being at the upper age limit of the kids race, she was rather disappointed that she was not able to take part in some of the adult obstacles. Being the same height as me – it would not have caused her any issue – but understandably rules are rules and she simply had to carry on through the kids course.


And she did just that, loving every minute, and even managed a sprint finish up the hill to the final obstacle.

Buzzing with excitement, medal around her neck, she was already asking when she could do another one.


So I’m already looking out for the next junior adventure. I will always encourage racing and will happily run along aside them.

Though next time we will have to upgrade the adventure, to give them more thrills.

Perhaps a Nuclear Races Rookie course is waiting…….

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