Adidas City Run: Shoreditch

A crisp, rather fresh, yet sunny morning welcomed the first race in the Adidas City run series. It could not have been better weather for an Autumnal race – warm enough to not require additional layers, yet cool enough to be the perfect running temperature.


The race was designed to showcase the very best of one of London’s most vibrant areas – and it did not disappoint.

Beginning at Shoreditch park the race was officially opened by Tom Daley, though I don’t remember any announcement from him on the day, just runners moving out of the organised pens towards the start line.

The route saw runners wind their way through the rather picturesque streets of Shoreditch, lots of twists and turns around the residential streets taking in the beautiful town houses in the area. I never realised how charming this area of East London actually was until I began pounding the streets.

Just after the half way point the route saw us head towards Hoxton Street Market and Hoxton Square before looping back round to cross the finish back in Shoreditch Park.

Image courtesy of Adidas City Run

The route was one of the flattest runs I have taken part in to date. With the flat terrain, wide roads and closed streets it offers the perfect opportunity to obtain PB’s. With the exception of the area round Hoxton Square, where you will find yourself dancing around to avoid the cobbled streets (a new running experience for me) the race ticks all the boxes. Even local residents came out to line the streets in some areas, cheering runners on, playing music and generally bringing a little atmosphere to the race – again making me proud of London, the people and sense of community.

Sadly, however, there were a few residents who thought it was perfectly okay to try and drive down the closed roads – completely oblivious to the massive signs and the thousands of racers running towards them. I praise the marshalls who had to deal with these ignorant members of the public. If I personally had to speak to such people I would not have been so polite.

For me this race has a special place in my heart. For months I have failed to get motivated, to get my mind working with my body and enjoying running as a whole. Sunday saw my mind go back to my happy running place. I was focused, I was determined and I did not stop. Not once.

For many the race may have been about time, about achieving a PB on a route that offered the opportunity to get one. For me it was about reminding myself that I can still run, that my ability is not lost and to attempt to get my running mojo back.

Mission accomplished.

I ran my heart out. Even when my mind was telling me I could not go on – my legs were carrying me through. And as such I saw my best 10K race time for 2017. Was it a PB? No. And it wasn’t the sub 60 minute time I crave deep down either.

What it was, was a chance to prove to myself I still have what it takes. I am still a runner. No matter how fast, I still have it in me to finish.

Thank you Adidas City Run. For providing a great race. A race that has enabled me to regain that lost mojo, with a snazzy medal and tech t-shirt to boot!


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