Nuclear Blast – 2017

Nuclear Races are known for award winning fun; relentless amounts of mud over undulating terrain with numerous obstacles in between.

Nuclear Blast certainly followed suit. After deferring my entry for Nuclear Rush after the London Marathon I returned to have some muddy good fun.


I was tempted to cancel. Recent trauma has left me physically and mentally exhausted. However in an attempt to regain some normality in my life I decided to go ahead. It was my first OCR event running solo. I was apprehensive – worried about going at it alone. But with many months training alone and running regular road races by myself I shook it off and went along for the ride.


The race did not disappoint. Nuclear Blast is a 5k race, where you have the option to complete as many laps as you wish within a two hour window. If you finish a lap at 1 hour 58 minutes you are encouraged to run another lap if you have energy left in the tank. If you run one lap and decide that’s enough for you then that is absolutely fine too.

Personally, I have an issue with running laps (something I am slowly building upon), so the single lap was more than enough fun for me. I had been out on the course for an hour and a half – with plenty of obstacles and mud to appease me.


And there was mud galore. Whether it was the recent wet weather contributing to the muddy terrain or simply just a natural mud fest, I’m not sure – but either way I have never experienced so much mud during an OCR race. And it was a laugh.

I completed obstacles at my own pace, laughing at myself and generally having a good time. Obstacles I would normally avoid were completed with gusto – mainly due to the fact that I was in my own world. And unlike most OCR races, there was very little waiting around to complete the obstacles – meaning less time to stand around getting cold.


Despite completing many gritty obstacles over the course, I could not get over my knew found fear of cargo nets after falling off at Rat Race Dirty Weekend, so It was one that was quickly bypassed. However, with so many other obstacles I was not disappointed.



Nuclear Blast was simply amazing. As usual the spirit all around was something that cannot be replicated. I have completed many OCR races now, and nothing compares to Nuclear Races. The course, the obstacles, the thrill level, the organisation, marshals and even the fellow participants – who are always willing to offer a hand or a friendly shove – makes Nuclear stand out from all others. It is clear to see why they are award winners.


The only thing that was missing from Nuclear Blast? The death slide. So, roll on Nuclear Rush 2018 – death slide, zip lines and all.


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