Enter the “Taper Tantrum”

This week it seems that my mind is running on over time. The only way I seem to be able to work through the thoughts is to note them down so I can reflect and, hopefully, realise that I am not alone.

So the critical “tapering” period began on Monday, and I was extremely hopeful about what the week would bring. However, it has proven to be just as stressful as getting the miles under the belt.

Day one – Monday – I went off to my regular Spinning class, though only staying for the one class when I would usually complete the back to back classes. Perhaps a little too sensible for me, but it meant that I was in bed nice and early.

Day Two – Tuesday – I got home and straight into my running gear. It started drizzling and I paused at the front door. After warming up I attempted to run and my legs simply hurt. My quads were stiff, heavy and had a constant pain at the very top. So I stopped, and completed an hours walk instead.


Day Three – Wednesday – I ran! Happy days. six mile loop through the woods and across the fields behind my house that I re-discovered the previous day whilst walking. I even sped up for the last half a mile, getting back to my pre-marathon training pace of 10:30 minute per mile.

Day Four – Thursday – A much needed sports massage was booked. I was not imagining the pain in my quads. My IT band was tight, along with my calves and hamstrings; both of which I had not been suffering with at all. After I had planned to get out for a run. However; after the brutality of the massage I could barely walk – so I just did that – a three mile walk.

Day Five – Friday – Social plans cancelled so I was determined to get a run in before the weekend. The sun was shinning and my legs felt okay – until I tried to go. My legs and my mind were simply not having it. I suddenly felt bruised and battered from my massage the day before and a wave of fatigue came over me. Another night with a walk instead of running.


At this moment in time I don’t know if it is my mind hitting a wall, my legs just being fatigued or all the miles of training just catching up on me – but I need to shake this off pronto.

Running only six miles this week has left me feeling on the verge of a taper tantrum this evening. The plan is not going my way, I have hit a new level of fatigue, my mind has lost track and self doubt is setting back in again.

With time literally slipping through my fingers there is no time to catch up on the runs missed, which stresses me out even more. I know that whilst tapering you are supposed to slow it down, get more rest and recuperate – but is it supposed to slow down so much that you feel like you have hit a wall?

16 days remain – sponsors welcome.


  1. I had my first sports massage a couple of weeks ago. The last thing the masseur told me was to not even think about running for the next 48 hours due to the time the muscles need to recover from the massage! A hot bath and rest was the advice. Loving the blog!

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