Adventures of Gemma’s 1st Birthday

11141784_10155777756100604_236570875574431637_oA year ago, after signing up to several events, my colleagues suggested I should start my own blog. At the time I thought perhaps there were only so many times I could appear on the Red Letter Days blog or maybe I actually do have enough content and action in my life to engage the blogging world.

It turns out it was the latter. At first I thought who on earth would be interested in what I have to write out about. It turns out – quite a few. I have been overwhelmed by the number of people reading and commenting on my blog posts over the last year.

To be honest I did not think I would keep it up. But here we are 12 months on, going strong and as I continue to blog on I am constantly learning more. So I would though I would use this post to share what I have learned over the last year.

Blogging helps me gain inner peace. Much like running and training does, blogging allows me to reflect, de-stress and put my thoughts into perspective. All work hand in hand – when running I thinking about a way to document my feelings and when blogging I am thinking about the next week’s training plan.

The Blogging Community is full of amazing people. The majority of which are strangers, but extremely supportive. I feel connected to many people who I have never met simply by reading their blogs, them reading mine and sharing experiences.

I don’t care what people think. I used to be the kind of person who cares about how I am perceived. Whether that be in person or on social channels. I don’t know whether it is coming with age or a combination of other factors too – but I could not care less about what people think about me anymore. I am my own person, I love what I love, I have people who love me and who love me back – everything else means nothing.

I am constantly learning and with this blog it has been no exception. As my previous point mentioned, blogging opens up a world of like minded people who you can relate to and bounce ideas off. Every blog I write, get comments on or read has a little bit of advice or suggestions – therefore allowing me to become a little more wise and resourceful.

Frustrations in training are only minor set backs. I have had many frustrations over the last year. In the face of these, I have got back up and kept trying. This week has been a prime example. After missing out on 5 days worth of marathon training due to a nasty cold, I was stressed and frustrated. Was it easy getting up yesterday morning and attempting a 10 mile run – of course not. It hurt like hell. I stopped several times to allow for coughing fits – but after each I took a breath and trotted on my merry way.

Inspiring others is the most amazing feeling in the world. And it was one of my main purposes when starting this blog. I never thought I would be the kind of person who would influence another’s behaviour. However, when a close friend recently said I had inspired her to run after cheering me on at Hackney Half Marathon I thought my heart would burst. If I can get through one year inspiring just one person to get moving, get running, get active then at least I feel I am serving a purpose.

At the end of the day the goal is the finish! Its not about what the person next to you is doing, or how must faster they are than you. The distance is still the same. You still have to run the same race. Concentrate on you!

So with all the learning’s from the last 12 months I look towards the events, frustrations and fears to come, knowing that no matter what, I will get through all the challenges I have signed up for.

90 days and counting…….

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