Being a WAR Marshall!

I don’t often say no to races but when WAR – Warrior Adrenaline Race – released their race date for September two days before I was due to go on holiday I had to say no.

So when Regiment Fitness send an email requesting people to be a Marshall at the race I signed up straight away. In return I would receive a free place for April 2017, a free T-shirt (the things us racers do for a free T-shirt!) and a free months membership.

The day before the race all Marshall’s had to meet at the beautiful Woodhall Estate to receive our instructions and to pick our obstacle. Keen to be close to the race village and therefore, lots of atmosphere I chose the “Sheep Dip.”

Problem being with this obstacle is that it is second from last, and the wait for racers to come through was long and boring (especially as we were on site from 7:30am).

So I waited, and waited, and finally the hardcore elite racers started to come through. The racer in third place was a Regiment Fitness member from my area – Bishops Stortford, Sawbridgeworth and Harlow – Andy! It was fantastic to see him come through in such a great time. Showing his sheer strength and speed.

Once the elite runners started coming through, I began to see some familiar faces; members past and present, who I have trained and raced with.

As much as I enjoyed Marshalling at WAR, I did find the wait rather tiresome. I think such activity is more suited to those who don’t like to participate but want to be involved. Personally watching others take part left me with envy – I wished I was racing myself. Plus standing in the rain all day is not much fun, its all about the taking part for me.

That said I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the day, seeing fellow members and taking memorable pictures of them in the sheep dip!

If you are happy to give up your day I would really recommend becoming a Marshall. The free entry to the next race alone is incentive enough. After all, the entry for races does end up totting up if you are a regular to OCR.

Whether you want to just Marshall or race; join me at the next WAR race on 22nd April, with 5K, 10K or an epic 20K – there is a distance for everyone!

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