Regiment Fitness Adventure Weekend

I’ve never been one for Camping. The idea of lying in a tent in the middle of a field has never really held much appeal. However, when Regiment Fitness first advertised an Adventure Weekend which involved “Glamping” I thought, let’s give it a go. To be honest my mind by passed the Glamping element when I saw the list of activities we would likely be taking part in.

Packing for this adventure was particularly difficult. Not knowing what to expect I did not really know what I should bring. Packed in three bags was my hair dryer, straighteners, multiple fluffy blankets and socks and a whole range of Boot Camp gear and outfits. Safe to say, the majority went un-used – no chance of straightening my hair when there was not a plug socket in sight!

Three days had been planned out from Friday to Sunday. Early Friday morning we set off in a Mini-Bus, for the trip down to Swanage, Dorset. The small intimate group of us (ten in total) arrived at Herston Camp site (not without getting lost of course) shortly after lunch. After a quick stop we were off to our first activity, Coasteering!


Coasteering was the activity I was most terrified of, after researching and watching videos. However, the instructors at Land and Wave, were very experienced in their field and immediately put all of us at ease. Climbing down the rocks to the coast at “Dancing Ledge” was a challenge, but with expert instructions we all managed it without any injuries. Our first jump was tamer than I expected, but I learnt later that they were building us up to the big one. To be honest, my concern was how cold the water was going to be rather than the first jump itself. And it was, so shockingly cold.

Once we were over the shock of jumping in we were off, with the instructors ensuring we were sticking together. Due to low tide they were able to guide us through many caves, some dark and scary and others open to the waves. Everyone in the group had smiles on their faces throughout. The grand finale for the session was the big jump. Under guidance we all climbed the cliff edge to the biggest jump of the day. Standing on the edge, spending too much time thinking about jumping – I chickened out. However, most of the group were brave enough to throw themselves of the ledge.

All high on adrenaline we made the climb and walk back to the mini bus to head back to camp, where our caterers – Crab Apple – were waiting with dinner. The evening was spent drinking round the camp fire until the early hours of the morning.

Day two saw us head up to the woods for Bush Craft; learning to make fires, spears and general knife skills. After a lovely picnic lunch, from Crab Apple, we spent the afternoon making spears, Axe Throwing and Archery.

After we mastered new skills we were on our merry way back to camp, taking time to stop at the local Corfe Castle for a walk around and drink. After which we headed out into Swanage town to hit the night life. Lots of drinking and dancing into the early hours, followed by more time round the campfire.

On Sunday, the final day of adventure, we made our way down to the beach – sore heads a plenty – for our final activity, Paddle Boarding. Within moments of being on the boards many of the group were up on our feet – must be down to our super strong cores from Boot Camp! I personally managed to paddle board on my feet numerous times, before falling dramatically into the water.


In no time at all our session was over and it was almost time to head back to blighty, not before a cheeky fish and chips on the sea front mind!

The weekend as a whole was an incredible rush for me. I was, as were many others, were still buzzing the next day. But it’s not just the adrenaline I was buzzing from but also the fact that I had spent a weekend in such amazing company, 90% of who I had not met before. My abs were aching more from laughing than they would on an Ab session.

This is another occasion, for me, where Regiment Fitness has led me meet some incredible people and all of which I would keep in contact. Some of us had so much fun we are already eagerly anticipating the next one.

The activities were great, the food was fantastic and the company even better. Would I go again? Without question! If Regiment Fitness decide to run this again I strongly advise you not to miss this opportunity. Life is all about experiences and this was definitely that.

Just one word of advice – don’t leave the Go Pro at home!

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