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Top 10 London Christmas Decorations

It has become somewhat of a Christmas tradition each year, that I take myself off to the centre of London to enjoy the magical light displays and decorations that our fantastic capital has to offer. In previous years, there have also been river side… Continue Reading “Top 10 London Christmas Decorations”

UK Staycation: One Night In Norfolk

2020 has been, by far, the most horrendous year for everyone across the globe and with a wide number of travel restrictions in place many have been left with cancelled holidays. As such there has been a natural growth in the number of staycations… Continue Reading “UK Staycation: One Night In Norfolk”

Mental health Benefits of Travelling

It has been some time since I have felt the passion and creativity to write a blog post. As I stepped off the plane after my last adventure, the UK was starting to enter into a period of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.… Continue Reading “Mental health Benefits of Travelling”

Becoming a Savvy Traveller

Over the last 18 months I have had numerous friends and family asking if I have suddenly won the lottery or asking what “I do” that enables me to travel so much. Every single time my response is the same – I am a… Continue Reading “Becoming a Savvy Traveller”

City Break: Three days in Lisbon

There is nothing I like more than a short city break, exploring an undiscovered location. Portugal is a country I had never visited before, so when searching for my next adventure I thought there would be no better place to start than its coastal… Continue Reading “City Break: Three days in Lisbon”

Trekking Hadrian’s Wall in three days.

After the adventures in the Isle of Wight, attempting to walk the full 100km coastal path in 24 hours (and failing at the half way point), I vowed to never sign up for a long walking event again. Of all the challenges I had… Continue Reading “Trekking Hadrian’s Wall in three days.”

Stepping off the Emotional Rollercoaster

It is safe to say that the last nine months of my life have panned out a little different than intended. I never imagined that I would be made redundant from a job I had had for twelve years, or that I would loose… Continue Reading “Stepping off the Emotional Rollercoaster”

London Winter Run 2018

Sunday saw me run the London Winter Run for the third year running. The 10k race, taking in many iconic landmarks around London, is always one (if not the first) event in my racing calendar for the year. In the three years I have… Continue Reading “London Winter Run 2018”

One stone down with Slimming World

Never before have I had to eat my own words. For many years I scoffed at anyone on the Slimming World plan. Any diet that sees avocado and prosecco as syns had no place in my life. As a vegetarian I have always had… Continue Reading “One stone down with Slimming World”

This. Is. Sparta.

Facebook is fantastic about reminding you where you were on this day in the past. And it seems, September seems to be the month that Ross and I take our last break before the busy Christmas period sets in. Sometimes this can be in… Continue Reading “This. Is. Sparta.”

It’s good to walk

Shortly after completing the London Marathon I read a comment made by someone on social media stating “if you walked at any point during the marathon, then you have not run the London Marathon.” Not only did I think this is the most ridiculous… Continue Reading “It’s good to walk”

Running through Grief.

Grief. Such a horrible word. It is something I have not really suffered with before. Yes I grieved the job I lost through redundancy, I have grieved the end of friendships and relationships. But real grief. The grief you feel when you have lost… Continue Reading “Running through Grief.”