Introducing Jo Lovett – PT


Shortly after I joined Regiment Fitness back in 2014, I quickly got on with another member Jo Lovett. We bonded over the love of fitness, wine and cheese. The friendship was born.

Back then she was working as a PA for a pharmaceutical firm, but her fate soon changed which gave her the push she needed to combine her love of fitness with a career. Making a massive change to your career at any point in your life is quite a challenge – but Jo made it look so easy (though I know for a fact it hasn’t been). Within a year she had completed all the necessary courses to enable her to become a PT, secured a job at Nuffield and began to develop a solid base of PT clients.

It seems like I have known Jo forever; we train together, drink together and on occasion even holiday together. Last year we decided to be a little bit crazy together and run our first half marathon. Training for this event with Jo was a blast – both of us preferring endurance over speed, we quickly fell into an easy training pace which allowed us to challenge ourselves whilst chatting freely. Sometimes we talked for the whole duration, sometimes we fell into comfortable companionable silence; but 90% of the time we ended up in a pub sharing a bottle of wine. These runs were best; where we would both sense the pub was near during the last mile and without speaking we would speed up – nothing like knowing a bottle of wine is calling to get you to move your ass!

Watching Jo grow as a PT has made me be so proud. Most would be daunted by the challenge of making such a change, but not Jo. She has embraced it and made quite a name for herself.

I have been privileged enough to have some training sessions with her and by no means was it easy. In support of her growing business I attended her first HIIT class at Challenge Gym on Friday and it was pretty intense. I have never sweated so much on an indoor session or hurt the next day.

Though not to be defeated, 9:30am the next day we knocked out a six mile run along the river at Great Amwell to Hertford and back – pretty much non stop.

I cannot put into words how amazed I am by Jo. She has truly shown that age means nothing; it is just a number. She has achieved so much in such a short time and I am so proud to call her my friend, my confidant and my training buddy.

As I approach the toughest six months I will ever face in regards to training I feel so comforted to know that she will be by my side offering advice, at times running alongside me and when the big day comes – waiting at the finish cheering me on with an open bottle of bubbles.

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  1. […] Jo – my good friend and spinning instructor, was one of the first people to tell me “you can do this.” We spent the first month, back in the days when it was exciting, getting some practice runs in before she started her spinning classes at Xercise4Less. Spinning was a god send; not only did it give me time off pounding the pavements, but Jo’s amazing sessions build up my endurance for long runs, stamina and hills. And like most close to me, she has been a constant strength for me throughout. I can’t wait for the marathon to be over so I can get back to double spins and relaxed running sessions with her. […]


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